Welcome to FARO

The FARO project is a two-pronged programme funded by the The Canadian Space Agency to showcase Canada’s leadership role in the application of remotely-sensed ocean colour data, for societal benefit. FARO will continue to develop the successful SAFARI (Societal Applications in Fisheries and Aquaculture using Remotely-Sensed Imagery) project funded by the Canadian Space Agency. FARO will also support the related ChloroGIN (Chlorophyll Global Integrated Network) project, which is an international network to assess the state of marine, coastal and inland-water ecosystems for the benefit of society, promoting in-water observations in synergy with ocean-colour remote sensing and other related satellite observations. These programmes are both working towards the global dissemination of ocean colour data for use in fisheries research and other societal benefit areas.

Furthermore, both the SAFARI and ChloroGIN projects are contributing towards the international GEO (Group on Earth Observations) initiative which is at the forefront of a global effort to build a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). To achieve such goals, GEO has set up a work plan structured around specific socio-economic benefit areas. SAFARI is contributing towards GEO task AG-06-02 (under the societal benefit area ‘Agriculture’) which calls for consultation at the international level to identify opportunities for the enhanced utilisation of Earth observation data in fisheries and aquaculture. ChloroGIN is contributing to GEO Task EC-09-01c, and is helping to network researchers on the marine ecosystem, and is highly complementary to SAFARI under FARO.